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Author: Jeff O'Brien Created: 5/13/2009 2:45 PM
Jeff O'Brien revolutionized his life when he learned to hang glide in 1998. He dropped most other interests and promptly moved to Utah to fly full time. He's flown hang gliders on five continents and began competing in 2005. Jeff is probably most known for his wing mounted photography which can be seen in hang gliding publications and press worldwide.

Adam West and Grove flew Signal Hill at the base of Table Mountain, South Africa recently. Here's an excerpt of the account:

From Dr. Adam West's blog: CLICK HERE

Video by Adam West. Here's an excerpt from his BLOG

We climbed out rapidly into the classic, laminar air and headed for Lion's Head. Cloudbase was close to the top of Lion's Head, so we couldn't head for the Apostles. Instead, we boated around the site, out over Bantry Bay and Sea Point staying just under the cloud.

Photo by Adam West.

We glided together for long stretches comparing the performance of our wings, sometimes flying wing-tip to wing-tip. My Wills Wing U2 145 held it's own against Grove's bigger U2 160. These are fantastic gliders.

Photo of Grove by Adam West.

More from Adam tomorrow. Thanks bro.

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Wolfi Swooooping

Wolfgang Ziess having some swooping practice.


:) Great stuff.

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Jeff Beck floating his 10 year old daughter at the beach:


Kiwanda Kid from Beck on Vimeo.

Here's Jeff's Bio:

In 1998 I saw a hang glider for sale in a local classifieds publication in Bellingham, Washington. the next day I picked up the double surface WW sport and stashed it in my best friends garage for fear of getting divorced. It looked nothing like the regallos I had seen as a kid and I was in awe of her. By luck I found an instructor locally who thought I could learn on it and soon a new pilot was born.

Jeff Launching - All photos courtesy of Jeff Beck.

A few years later I attended my first HG Instructor certification class driven by my love for the sport and a desire to get new pilots involved. Through the years I have learned as much from my students as they have from me and I continue to enjoy teaching. My school is a simple operation focusing on the hands on approach using a combination of training hill,scooter towing, and boat towing. It feels great knowing that I represent a company like Wills Wing and appreciate their support for the flying community.

These days I enjoy taking my 10 year old daughter tandem when I can talk her into it and try to fly XC when ever possible. Most of the time I fly my T2 154 and some days a falcon 2 tandem. I feel so fortunate to be in an area with so many places to fly and the possibilities of many more. I love working to open new sites and continue to help build a new community of pilots that make flying up here so special. You can learn more about my instructional program and see some of our beautiful sites by visiting my website at

Thanks Jeff.

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Matt Barker is a Wills Wing Crew member to watch. Here's a bio on Matt:

I learned at Kitty Hawk summer of 2000. Worked there off and on Summers of ’01 and ’02 and man what a blast that was! After that I helped start Ground Industries with 2 friends. We make mountain boards and just this year are making longboards too. Check us out at GROUND INDUSTRIES And my blog is FLYINBARKER.COM

Matt happy?:) about his new U2. (Photos Courtesy of Matt Barker)

As far as memorable flights…Early November 2002 up at Woodstock in N. Virginia was a good one. I launched and turned N to fly 9.5 miles to the end of the ridge and then back. At that point that was the farthest I had ever flown away from a primary LZ so I was stoked with that. Little did I know what I was about to get into! As I got back to launch I was 1500’ over. I noticed an area on the ridge that was collecting thermals and I stayed there and got up to 3000’ over launch. This was without a vario but I did have the altimeter on my watch. I was new to thermaling so to gain another 1500’ was killer. Again, I was stoked.

At this point the air got really smooth and the wind picked up considerably. Lift was everywhere and I eventually figured out that I was in a wave. I surfed the wave with everybody else that got up in the lower thermals for the next hour and got to about 10,000’. I was over 9K above the LZ, flying with the bar at my hips and couldn’t tell from that height which field was the LZ…I loved it! It took almost an hour to finally get down. We were all amazed at the flights we had and spent the rest of the night re-living the day! Amazing day for the East Coast!

Now I’m really excited to be getting into comps. I picked up a brand new U2 160 this past August and I went to team Challenge in October and had a great there. I will be at the Rob Kells meet this April and flying my U2 in the sport class. I’m looking forward to learning a lot, flying, and meeting new peeps! I can’t wait.

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Dr. Adam West has been going for it on his U2 in South Africa.

Check out the good times he had at the recent fly-in in Porterville: HERE

Photo by Adam West after a 131km flight.

View into the Cederberg - Photo by Adam West.

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South American amateur scientist Alex Morillo has been contributing data to the harness project.

Best to Shapiro, Zippy, Davis, Larry Bunner, James Stinnet, and the WW crew going for it in Australia.

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Day 2 - Forbes Flatlands

Zippy in the lead after two days. Swiss Nick (Roberto Nichele) Third yesterday in the 120 mile task. The rest of the US boys going well.

Wills Wing represents one out of nine gliders in the field over in OZ, yet is leading the pack. Makin' US proud boys!

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Forbes Flatlands - Day One - Zippy T2C 144

Photo by Jamie Sheldon - The premier contest in the world is on now in Forbes, Australia. Zippy was day one winner on a 167km task. More soon.

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Much better than a sleigh -

From Vikki Grzyb - daughter of Kris Grzyb - Pilot from Illinois.

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Details of the flight to follow.

Also - CHECK OUT Wills Wing on Facebook:
Wills Wing Facebook

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