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This is the Wills Wing Team Pilots competition blog. Here you can keep up with the various members of our team as they progress through the competition season.
May 17

Written by: Jeff Shapiro
5/17/2010 11:19 AM 

Big weekend here in Missoula for the Nature Propelled tour. As some might know, Nature propelled is a movie that was made by Seth Warren, with the support of great companies like KAVU, KEEN and Cliffbar to promote alternative energy by following the complete cycle of water as it flows from the ocean to the clouds, to the mountains in the form of snow and rain, into the rivers and tributaries after melting and eventually, back to the ocean. Along the way, he filmed athletes enjoying their passion in each of those elements and Jeff and I were lucky enough to participate in the "clouds" portion by flying and filming in our gliders.
The tour is a beginning of the next project to promote outdoor wilderness access. It's great to have guys like Seth and companies like KAVU, KEEN and Cliffbar fighting for us all to have the opportunity to share our planet with our kids and to do it in clean oceans and skies.

Local fest is a huge annual event in Missoula with thousands of people coming down to a large outdoor venue in the middle of town. There was a kayak competition (rodeo) going on at the man made wave in the Clark fork river that happens to run through down town Missoula and is basically connected to the park where the party was happening. KAVU, KEEN and cliffbar, along with several local venders, had booths set up. There was live music and good food galore. It was great to see all the folks involved with each of the companies. Kara and I were lucky to have Shawn Carkonen (from KAVU) and his beautiful family stay at the house while they were in town. Previously, we had talked about maybe doing a tandem some day and on their last morning here, we were finally able to get off the hill together. He mentioned that it was like a dream (the one we all live for;-) and was smiling from the time we left the ground until he and his wife and two kiddos hit the road. It's always great to see the faces of tandem passengers after a good flight. Really hits home how lucky we are to get to do what we do.

Good times. Stay tuned for the next film and for the tour to come to an area near you. If it does, head down and say hey to the folks out there fighting the good fight.


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Re: Local Fest

A dream indeed! And I'm still smiling. Thanks again for the flight, Jeff, and for being such an outstanding KAVU ambassador and all-around champion. I wanna be a pilot when I grow up!


By Carkonen on   5/18/2010 8:35 AM

Re: Local Fest

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