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Jul 29

Written by: Jeff Shapiro
7/29/2010 5:35 AM 

After an epic day of strong lift and attempting to learn the area a bit yesterday, Jeff and I woke up early this morning (knowing that it was supposed to blow 26 knots) with hopes that we might sneak up for an South Side esque session from Monte Cucco. We recorded some video on the HD Hero cam and will try to compile a short for a post soon.

After the flight, we hooked up with Belinda and drove across the country side to the historical village of Gubbio.

The hills above town were already occupied in the bronze age. It was the place where the Eugubine bronze tablets were found that constitute the largest surviving text of ancient Umbrian. After it's Roman conquest in the 2nd century BC, it remained important, evident by it's large Roman theater (apparently the 2nd largest surviving today). It was an amazing experience to walk through it's alleys and streets (for lack of a better term) where people walked previously for thousands of years.

There are images of St. Francis and the Wolf throughout the village. The story goes that the Wolf was causing problems by eating the town's people and their animals at it's gates until St. Francis came and walked to the gate. As he approached, the wolf charged. He put out his hands and made the sign of the cross and the wolf slowed and laid his head in his hands. St. Francis told the wolf that if he stopped eating the town's people and their animals, they would feed him and a truce was solidified as was the story within the area's history.

Deep history and the beauty of the country side made for a ambient place to have lunch and cappucino while listening to the bells ring and the wind blow. We are so lucky to have the privilege to do what we do.


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Re: Umbria

Nice travel log and images, Jeff! Thanks, Jonathan

By Jonathan on   7/29/2010 8:42 AM

Re: Umbria

Aaaahhh.... The perfect photo of the perfect landing in the perfect romantic place. Such a modern bucolic image.

Those bright lime green colors, which OB is apparently slowly but surely turning into his trademark in recent years, seems to consistently stand out in practically any condition and setting.

Looks fabulous and fun. I'm jealous!


B-) 3D

By 3D on   7/29/2010 12:45 PM

Re: Umbria

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Re: Umbria

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Re: Umbria

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Re: Umbria

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