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Jun 1

Written by: Jeff Shapiro
6/1/2011 11:50 AM 

I picked up a couple of man slaves at the local peoples market. They didn't cost much and require some work, but overall, it was a good deal.

Chris Gibisch


Team pilot, Dustin Martin, is on his way back to the shop to help Kara, Chris and me get as many customer harnesses done, and sent to excited pilots around the world, as is possible before we leave for our next adventure. We plan to sew night and day (with afternoon flights if possible, of course;-) until the drive to meet Zippy at the factory for a flight out of LAX. First stop, to meet Nic, James and Derrek in Feisch for the Swiss Nats. Then, for the main event! Meet up with O'Brien and the rest of the US team for the '11 World Championships in Segillo, Italy.

The US Team is hungry for it, for sure. Should be epic so if your at all interested, stay tuned. The T2C is going crazy good and I'm hoping that the Covert combo will help to make it clear that it's all up to us. Adventure, laughs and strong competition. Sounds like good times to me!!


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