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Jul 28

Written by: Jeff Shapiro
7/28/2009 6:25 PM 

After over 24 hrs of cure time, I was really excited and a bit nervous to pull the carbon off the new molds. Dustin had given me some advice that I was hopeful would pay off and after pulling the molds out of the vacuum bag, I was relieved when the parts pulled perfectly and cleanly. The new back plate and boot got trimmed, sanded and prepared to receive finish coats before bed last night.

Kara and I have some friends visiting from Minnesota and Aaron likes to fly fish so, we made a plan to get up early and use fishing as an excuse to stand in a beautiful river in the back country. We stayed up late last night so 6 am came quick. As usual, soon after I got my lazy ass out of bed and a pot of coffee in me, I was so glad to be awake. The sun came up and we made the hour drive to a nice run on Fish Creek. Aaron was psyched when, in typical Montana style, we passed a covey of Turkey, tons of Whitetail deer and a cow elk on our way to the river.

The fishing turned out to be difficult but we managed to pull a few on tiny nymphs.

When I got back to the house, I had nothing but carbon and sewing on the brain. I managed to get the boot halves together, the back plate finished to the point where I could draw some patterns from it, and after hanging the carbon to cure, sat at the sewing machine for the rest of the afternoon and evening. Can't wait to fly in this one.


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