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Wills Wing December 1998 Info Bulletin

Highlights of this Issue: • 26th Anniversary at Wallaby RanchFusion Sale DeadlineWills Wing Rigid Wing?Inventory Harness SaleNew Wills Wing Drogue `ChuteInsider HelmetsSuunto Wrist ComputerFlylight Cocoon Harness Changes

26th Anniversary at Wallaby Ranch / March 23rd - 28th 1999

Wallaby Ranch was so much fun this Spring we are going again in March.  Demos of all our latest products will be available for you to fly.  The public is invited, so we expect a big turnout.  The dates listed above are subject to change, so be sure to check back here as Spring approaches.  Mark your calendars and come fly with us in the spring!

Fusion Sale Deadline

A reminder that to take advantage of the fall Fusion inventory sale we must receive your $2000 dollar deposit on or before December 15th.

Wills Wing Rigid Wing?

Mike Meier Test Flying the Control Bar Millennium Prototype
Wills Wing Pilot Mike Meier test flying the Millennium with control bar

The folks at Bright Star (designers of the Swift and Millennium) put a control bar on a Millennium for us to evaluate.  It is weight shift controlled in pitch, and aerodynamically controlled in roll and yaw, activated through pilot pressure on the control bar.  To the pilot the aerodynamic controls are "transparent," i.e. you fly it like a flex wing.  If it turns out that the project is feasible aerodynamically, structurally, and financially we may choose to produce and sell a control bar configuration of the Millennium.  We'll keep you updated as we get further into the project.  Please give us your feedback on what you think the market might be for a glider like this in your area.

More Photos

Inventory Harness Sale

The response to the special inventory harness pricing on the web site, and in the magazine has been very strong. Remember inventory harnesses are $100 dollars lower retail price until the end of the year.

New Wills Wing Drogue `Chute

After flight testing several different designs of drogue parachutes we have decided to market one.  Free Flight Enterprises will be building it for us.  On final approach the drogue turns a Fusion into an Ultra Sport, and Ultra Sport into a Falcon, and a Falcon into a paraglider.  We are excited about how this little parachute can help make landing easier.  Judging by the number of downtube orders processed here we think you'll sell a lot of these.  Drogue `chute including container:

Introductory price $110.00


Charly Insider Helmet

We'll be getting our next helmet shipment in early December.  Our plan is to go into spring with a large stock of helmets.

The Charly Insider Helmet

Suunto Wrist Computer

This new altimeter watch is very impressive.  The battery is replaceable by the customer, it has a light, and it's waterproof to 100 feet.  Also the rate of climb readout is on the same screen as the altimeter, and it has a digital compass.  Avocet's new instrument is not available until mid 1999 so we decided to give this new product a try.  It is more expensive than the Avocet, but appears to be more durable with extra features pilots want.  Each dealer may purchase the first one at the maximum dealer quantity discount.  We should have a limited quantity in stock before Christmas.  Give one a try.

Suggested retail $199.00

Flylight Cocoon Harness Changes

We are currently no longer making the Flylight Deluxe harness the same way we used to.  The built in harness bag has been eliminated and replaced with a front mounted storage container.  Please direct any questions you have on harness matters to Gene Atkins here at WW.

  • Thanksgiving Closing Dates

We will be closed for the Thanksgiving holiday on November 26th, and re-open November 30th.

  • Christmas Closing Dates

We will close for Christmas vacation at noon December 18th and re-open January 4th.  Please try to anticipate your parts orders for the holidays and let us know what you'll need as far in advance as possible.

Please Fly Safely!
The Wills Wing Crew

Last Modified: 26 April, 2001

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