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Wills Wing - Pilot Comments
Show Headlines Only

05/16/11 - T2
Mike Glennon

Climb and Glide with the Best

The glider [T2C 154] is fantastic. Congratulations. For the first time EVER, I felt I was flying a glider that could climb and glide with the best pilots in the world. I am quite heavy on the glider, 95 kilos, and I was amazed to see that I was climbing as well as anyone out there. The best thing about the glider was the glide, it was SO nice to be able to pull in and fly wing-to-wing with the fastest pilots, who ALWAYS used to pull away from me before.

05/02/11 - T2
Miguel Molina

Very Happy

Just to let you know that I am very happy with my new T2C - for the first time I do not feel handicapped when flying with the rest of the pack.

04/15/11 - T2
Tullio Gervasoni - Italian Competition Pilot

Good Times

Finally I got my [T2C] glider last Friday. I flew it on Monday and what a nice surprise! It is extremely well balanced and with a dream handling, I feel it always under total control.

I think the new sail was a good choice.

CONGRATULATIONS TO WW for this dream machine!

01/13/11 - T2
Kobus Laubscher - South African HG Pilot

T2 Rocks the Kalahari

I have been flying a Talon 150 (2001 model) for the last 5 years. I weigh only 70 kg and needless to say I found the handling quite stiff. However, the stability of the glider on glide was awesome but in the end I was usually quite tired after a couple of hours flying.

I decided to buy my first new glider and considering value for money the standard T2 glider from Wills Wing made the most sense to buy. I live in South Africa and ordered the glider through our local dealers Peter van der Berg and Johan Anderson, who were most helpful. I was quite stressed to get the glider in time for our Kalahari Big Sky Challenge. This is an extremely well organized meet held every year in South Africa for overseas and local pilots. It is a cross country meet where the main purpose is to break records.

The guys at Wills Wing really went out of their way to get the glider test flown and delivered it just on time. The glider was shipped to George (South Africa). I drove down to collect it and had a wonderful 2 hour test flight of coastal soaring at the map of Africa. Probably one of the most beautiful coastal soaring sites in South Africa. Imagine a river carving its way through a mountainous area producing a small scale view of Africa. Truly a lovely site from the air.

The handling on the new 144 T2 is much improved compared to the Talon, and landing is a real no-brainer, with a rather large flare window. I have never flown the U2, but I imagine the handling will be pretty close to that of the first U2s. Full of confidence, I was off to the Kalahari to do some serious cross country flying in some seriously strong conditions.

Kalahari Big Sky Challenge
Kalahari Big Sky Challenge

The Kalahari is a semi-desert flatland area with lots of sand dunes, thorn trees, and interesting animal life. We used a trike and did aero towing on the local airfield, which is basically just 2 dirt tracks used as runways. I got there quite late on the Monday (20 Dec 2010) and had a late afternoon tow at 7 pm in the afternoon. The sun sets at 7:25. I managed to get a thermal above the town and just floated around for about 30 minutes, watching the sun set above the Kalahari Desert, one of the most beautiful sites imaginable.

It took me a day to get used to towing the T2. Being a bit twitchier than the Talon I over-controlled the glider initially and ended up in getting 2 lockouts. This said, the tows were in rough conditions, being as thermic as it was. I managed to get up around 4 pm in the afternoon when conditions started to calm down, thermalled up to cloud base, which was at 16,000 ft ASL (12,500 ft AGL) and sailed down a long cloud street.

I was joined by one of my fellow South African pilots and we had an awesome 2 hour, 85 km cross country flight. He has a brand new T2C. We did a final glide of more than 30 km together. I was able to do a fairly accurate comparison between the gliders. The T2C has a better glide, but only slightly. I would recommend the standard T2 for recreational pilots as I do not think the performance difference is justified by the costs if you are not a competition pilot.

Waiting in line to tow up with my new T2
Waiting in line to tow up with my new T2

We were even joined by a sail plane. Considering the remoteness of the Kalahari Desert this was quite special.

The next couple of days the conditions were quite strong and windy. Tony, one of the Atos pilots, tried a declared goal flight of 500 km. This would have been a new world record but he landed 60 km short, due to the wind forcing him to fly cross wind for the last couple of hundred kilometers.

I manage to do a 150 km flight in just 3 hours, unfortunately I was cut off by some thunderstorms and was forced to land. There were still 4 hours of flying left in the day and I unfortunately missed out on some real distance flying.

I also did some out and return flights staying in the air for more than 4 hours in very strong conditions. Average climbs of 6.2 m/s and average sink rate of 6.5 m/s. What I do thoroughly enjoy about the glider is the ease of flying it. I do not get tired and can really manage to stay up most of the day in rough conditions without exhausting myself. The VG system is very light to work compared to the Talon. One can even thermal the glider at full VG. However, I will not try to do it when the core is quite small. I prefer thermalling in rough conditions at 35% – 50% VG.

The glider towed with ease once I got used to towing it in the thermic conditions. In all honesty, hitting a 6-7 m/s thermal/dusty is very common towing in the Kalahari. I think there are very few gliders that handle this well on tow in such rough conditions. All in all a great glider!

I want to use this opportunity to thank Peter van der Berg and Johan Anderson for all their help and the Wills Wing team for everything they have done for the South African flying community. Thank you for building great gliders which are a real joy to fly.

Sincerely yours,
Kobus Laubscher
South African Hang Gliding Pilot

12/14/10 - T2
Christian Tiefenbacher

T2C Has The Best Handling

I arrived yesterday in the evening back home from the Lanzarotte comp. I was there 2 weeks and we had really nice flights there.

I only can say one thing about the T2C: I Love it!
The T2C has the best handling I have ever had. The climbing is really good. We had some days with strong thermals and some with weak thermals and I always climbed good. And in gliding the T2C is really going great.

I love my new glider and once again,
Thank you for this glider.

07/26/10 - T2
Dean Funk

The Thing Freaking Rocks

Steve - I have yet to be able to put into exact words, but my new glider is the best wing I have ever flown - PERIOD!!!!

The thing freaking rocks man.

07/12/10 - T2
Chris Valley - San Mateo, CA

Confidence Inspiring

I flew my "Flame" T2C for the first time yesterday at Funston. The flying conditions were perfect and I had a great time racing along the cliff edge as well as just boating around. The energy retention of this glider is amazing and there is a noticeable performance increase from my 2006 T2. The glider feels stiffer than my prior T2; however, roll response and overall control is more than manageable and confidence inspiring. The black anodized keel makes for effortless haul-back of the wing during set-up, and the sail cut is a vast improvement from my older T2, as well. My only complaint is that my new glider gathers a lot of on-lookers, thus delaying my ability to set-up and fly in a timely manner!

Thanks again to everyone at Wills Wing!

Mike Meier Displays the Custom Sail Work of Chris Valley's T2C
Mike Meier Displays the Custom Sail Work of Chris Valley's T2C

05/10/10 - T2
Gregory W. Adler

On Rails, Realy Sweet

Got the T2 (#40063) and it flies great !!! The baby is on rails, really sweet. First flight skied out way above everyone else (Dog Mtn. at 6,000+ if you're familiar with that site).

04/15/10 - T2
George Adams

I've Got That Excitement Back

I took my first flight on my T2 with the new sail cut in Ellenville yesterday and I'm convinced this is the best glider on the market, period. I found set up to be straightfoward and simple, it took 15 minutes and I was ready to go. As I picked the glider up it balanced perfectly and with a few steps I flew it perfectly straight out of launch. The first thing I noticed was the bar pressue was light and comfortable as I banked into my first thermal with confidence. This glider tracked perfectly in lift over 1000 FPM, even with the VG nearly on full and I was quickly over 7000 ft. MSL and it was a piece of cake..."sweet!" I have never felt so safe and at ease in any other hang glider in my 32 years of flying.

The T2 seemed to glide through turbulence like my Atos, flying straight and true and I realized flying had just just became more fun. After 2 hours it was time for landing and I was a little concerned about pulling this off for the first time but it was simple, a no stepper, by far the easiest glider I've ever landed. I'm looking forward to many XC flights this summer and I've got that excitement back that I've been missing over the past few years and it feels great!

I have to give the entire Wills Wing Team credit for producing such an excellent and refined glider, I have no need to ever switch again as the T2 has it all.

02/22/10 - T2
David Whittle

Does Everything You Expect and More

Glider arrived safely and ahead of my expected time line.

Absolutely love the T2C. I managed to fly twice at the weekend clocking up over 5 hours of air time. Handling in all aspects of flight was far easier than my old topless. The aero-tow was very predictable and confidence inspiring (I tow from the chest and karabiner).

The landings are so much easier with so much feedback from the glider.

Into wind glide brilliant, down wind even better.

The carbon base bar doesn't just look good, it really is functional to vary the hand positions to suit the requirements when thermaling, anyone who tries it will understand immediately what I mean.

Setting up easy, breaking down easy.

What a pleasure to get a product that is so well made and does everything you expect and more right out of the bag, and it looks really good too.

It really is so good to know that your products do everything your advertising say they will.

I believe that you have increased the performance gap with the glider, at the same time you have reduced the challenge to the pilot as the glider absolutely works with you, probably the easiest glider transition I have ever made.

You have a winning product from a recreational pilot who wants to the enjoy the whole envelope of free flight.

David Whittle and his T2 on Aerotow
David Whittle and his T2 on Aerotow

02/14/10 - T2
Jorge Patiño Cuadrado

My T2 Exceeded My Expectations

Jorge writes:

Dear All,

By this means I would like to thank you for the great job you all did by manufacturing so fast and getting down to Mexico the first NEW glider I buy in my 12 years of flying.

My T2 exceeded my expectations in every sense.

I also like to commend Jeff with Fly Mexico for his assistance and for keeping me informed of the whereabouts at all times.

I took it for a spin today and it was real nice, It climbed much faster than my old [glider] and penetrated just fine in 25km head wind... Once again THANK YOU all.

11/10/09 - T2

T2 Sails Last

In June 2007, my friend and I purchased two T2s. Since then, Massimo has flown over 280 flights and 1400 hours. His average flight is between 5 and 8 hours. Massimo's sail is still in good condition. We are very happy with the quality of the T2.

07/18/09 - T2
Rafael Arcos

T2C 154 Performs

My new T2C flies great. Today I raced here in Canoa against Faustos and Rauls T2s and the difference is notable.

05/28/09 - T2
Kenny Westfall - Old and Bold

My New T2

IS WONDERFUL!!! Thanks you guys! I love my new T2.
Mingus was a good first ride, better part of 11,000 MSL flying through 2 or 3 levels of clouds, whiting out now and then...What a ride! My glider flew perfect! Yesterday flew late WED AFTER WORK FLY DAY and scratched all over the place in very light conditions, over an hour!
I'm a very happy pilot these days,

Thanks again,

01/19/09 - T2
Nat Wells

I Was Amazed at My T2

After 27 years of flying hang gliders I was amazed at my T2; great static balance on launch, sweet handling in the air, and superb landing characteristics.Your ad where you say ''see that spot on the horizon, you have got it and more'' was demonstrated to me on my first flight of any duration; 87 miles and over 14,500 feet (max alt.).This was with a late start (chasing other pilots) ,a radio that died, and no idea of the route. During the flight a feature such as a lake, a butte, etc.would be visible in the far off distance and then before I knew it they were behind...For many years now we make the trip to King for the meet and this year the T2 allowed me to fly with pilots who were in previous years miles and miles beyond me.Thanks for building such an amazing glider!!!!

The one item that was frustrating was the nose cone. When setting up the wind flips and twists the cone and if setting up tail to the wind, especially on a mountain, it is very challenging to get the cone in place.A simple solution presented itself very quickly. During set up after the glider is on the control frame and when the first velcro tie is removed take this velcro, stick it to the cone and pull the untwisted cone to the side and fasten it snuggly to the velcro on the undersurface. After the glider is all set up the cone is ready for easy installation.

This glider was purchased through Alan Paylor at King Mtn Gliders. He was and is very helpful and professional.

Nat Wells USHPA #37877

10/22/08 - T2

Confidence Inspiring and Enjoyable to Fly

I would like to say that I am very happy with my new hang glider.

Over the last couple of years I have had a Moyes S4 and a Moyes RS4 and my new T2C is so much more confidence inspiring and enjoyable to fly, more intuitive. As a result I am enjoying my flying much more. The into wind performance is certainly better. It handles well with a lot of VG as well. I am not sure about the comparative glide performance yet but it is certainly in the same ball park. As most of my flying is not competition flying it is the confidence and intuitive parts of the performance that mean most and this is where the glider undoubtebly delivers well ahead of Moyes. Plus the finish seems superior and the adjustment systems, now I understand them.

09/02/08 - T2
Karl Hallman

Noticeably Better Than What I'm Used To

To all at Wills Wing:

I recieved my T2 about a month ago and after getting to 13,000' on my first flight off of one of our hairball Montana launches I was tempted to e-mail you but thought I'd wait a month just to get a better feel for the glider. I now have 5 flights and feel like I'm getting to know the glider. I came from a 2002 Litespeed and must say that the T2 launches, lands and flies significantly better. Flying across all envelopes of the flying experience became much more comfortable and enjoyable. Our XC routes up here end up crossing large areas of trees and don't feature much landable terrain so glide is at a premium and the glide on my T2 is noticeably better than what I'm used to. I've had two XC flights now and was able to cross no man's land lower than before while using a small fraction of the energy required to fly my last glider.

It was very nice to have Peter Swanson around to answer questions after delivering the glider to me. You folks have done a wonderful service to the hang gliding community by producing such an all around enjoyable glider to own and fly.

05/13/08 - T2
Tyler Grant

Pumped About Flying

I had a big long letter written about how I had been away from the sport for a while and then came back and my T2C was so great cuz of this or cuz of that, but I figured that just saying "thanks WW for building an Awesome glider, that has me more pumped about flying than I ever have been" would get it covered.

08/12/07 - T2
Jeff O'Brien

New Utah Flex Wing Record

Yesterday, 8/12/2007, I was able to fly my T2 154 220 miles into Wyoming and across the Continental Divide breaking the Utah flex wing record of 190 miles set in 1994. My airtime was 7 hours 20 minutes, and max. altitude was 17,500ft. MSL. All, (altitude, distance, and duration) were a personal best for me.

I've got just over 100 hours on my T2 now, and it's as sweet as ever. At the recent Hang-On competition in Oregon, I was able to fly head to head with Jonny Durand Jr. on the glider he's currently flying in the worlds. Over seven days of competition, I was able to win four of them, and only lost to Jonny by 20 points out of 5000 because I fell down one day. My point is that the T2 is state of the art, and has world class performance.

In addition to gliding far, the T2 continues to let me get away with less than perfect landing technique. In Oregon, I had to land in a sloping LZ with five foot high vegitation. My approach and flare timing wasn't the best, but the T2 parachuted in, not penalizing me for my bad technique. Two days ago when I landed in windy conditions after seven hours of hypoxic flying, the glider forgave me when I floundered around coming into the ground.

Finally, the Rotor harness I have continues to perform perfectly. It's sleek, and I still have storage for all my XC gear with glider bags. I can access my spare radio and GPS in flight, 'go' when I need to easily, and it cradles me in comfort and warmth on long flights.

Thanks to all the WW crew for the products and support that make our sport so much fun!

Jeff O'Brien

07/23/07 - T2
Aaron Swepston - Aerobatics Champ

Sweet Glider

A recent shot while working my way down to the landing field. Sweet weather, sweet glider, sweet flight! Ahhhh…

Aaron Swepston Flying His T2
Aaron Swepston Flying His T2 (click for larger version)

06/09/07 - T2
Len Clements

More Low Saves and More Miles on Nearly Every Flight

My new T2 is the finest, high performance glider that I have ever flown!

It is a GLIDEZILLA: fantastic L/D and sink rate; did I mention, also, that it is by far the easiest to land topless that I have flown.

In XC, the added distance I can cover, from a given altitude, is leading to more low saves and more miles on nearly every flight!

Thanks again from a very satisfied customer!

(Len set a site record from Hurricane, Utah with his new T2)

05/10/07 - T2
Phippsy - Graham Phipps - Cornwall Hang Gliding & Paragliding Services

Glider Flew Superbly

Managed to get my new T2 144 the day before the start of the British Open comp' and even managed to put it together and give her a 15 minute check out flight, needless to say everything was fine straight out of the box. First Task of the comp was a cross wind leg to turn point then semi crosswind to goal only 31k but conditions were challenging. Pleased to say glider flew superbly no doubt contributing to my flight to goal where I arrived as the only flex wing to make it, the only other  goalie  was Nevill Almond on his ATOS.

Unfortunately the rest of the comp proved untaskable so (more fortunately) resulting in a T2 144 winning the British Open and currently leading the overall series. Thanks for another great glider.

Phippsy Launching His T2 144 at The Blorenge

05/03/07 - T2
Bob Beck

Nicest Flying, Sweetest Turning

I finally got a chance to fly my T2 in the mountains. Spent 2 hours in air ranging from trashy ridge lift to ass-kicking cloud suck to mellow fat thermals and a landing in truly evil conditions. This is the nicest flying, sweetest turning glider you guys have ever made. Staying on top of the pack didn't hurt either.
Thank You.

04/17/07 - T2
Aaron Swepston

I Have been Smiling Big

I wanted to send my comments on the T2, but I didn't want to be too hasty. I wanted to make sure that I would not be swayed by first impressions alone, and that I would have enough time to really know what I was talking about. I can now say that I am absolutely in love with this glider. Everyone will have their own measuring stick with which to judge a glider, and so each must decide for themselves. But for me it is simple, and it always has been. The glider must be fun to fly, and it must be able to feel like an extension of myself. It must handle intuitively, easily, without having to think about how to make it turn most effectively. It must feel like it is expanding my abilities rather than causing me to worry about its limitations. How close can I fly to terrain or other pilots, will it respond when I need it to, does it have adverse reactions to my input, is it nimble, does it feel stable, does it coordinate naturally, and so on. This T2 is a real sports car. From my very first flight to my most recent flight, I have been smiling big at the end of each one. It does everything my last glider did, but seems to do it much more easily, and quicker. It feels solid, responsive, connected, yet nimble. It's also lighter weight, feels better ground handling, flares exactly like I would have asked for. Did I say fast? It CAN go fast if I want it to, but at no point has it seemed too slippery or unpredictable. It provides plenty of feedback to keep me comfortable, yet it is light enough to allow me precise control. To sum it up in one sentence, this is the glider I have always hoped Wills Wing would build.

This is going to be a very fun year!

02/27/07 - T2
Jeff Koehler - Chelan, Washington

The T2 is Superior to the Talon in Every Way

YOU GUYS HAVE DONE IT AGAIN! Congrats to Wills Wing for designing and producing the finest high performance glider ever! I had a late model Talon and was unsure about getting a T2. Wondered if I really would be buying much more in the way of performance and handling. Boy was I pleasantly surprised!! The T2 is superior to the Talon in every way: performance, the handling is amazing, excellent coordination, roll-yaw coupling, light bar pressure in both pitch and roll, a very solid feel. The attention to detail in both the sail and airframe are incredible!

A huge Thank You to the Team at Wills Wing!

11/21/06 - T2
Davis Straub - Writer/Publisher of The Oz Report

Flying the Wills Wing T2 144

What a sweet glider

On Friday I took the opportunity to test out the latest version of the Wills Wing T2 - 144. It had the new Mylar material leading edge, and a Dacron sail cloth (not Mylar). Dustin took the all Mylar version that was being flown in Santa Barbara to Ecuador and won the meet down there.

I had flown a T2 144 earlier at the Wills Wing Demo Days at Wallaby Ranch and really liked how responsive it was. Now I had the first opportunity to fly it in light southern California conditions...

Read all of Davis' review in the Oz Report at

11/20/06 - T2
Owen Morse

This is an Amazing Glider

Who would have guessed that mid-November would be this good?!

Clear skies, warm temps, unlimited visibility, and very light winds made for a super day.

I launched marshall at 1:40 pm, and climbed to 800' over Cloud peak. Slipped back to Crestline, and climbed to 6500' at the Billboard. I headed east to just behind Arrowhead Peak, and from there went straight for Rim of the World High School. Continuing east to Heaps, I made a sharp right turn, and headed for Harrison peak. I was rewarded the whole way with big fat gentle lift. By the time I made it to Harrison, I was more than a thousand over. A lazy left turn in bouyant air made for an easy tag of the dam, then back to Harrison. I climbed there and drifted back towards Heaps, but cut the angle to Santa's Village. From Santa's Village I didn't have to turn in lift until I was back at Crestline launch.

At the Billboard, I climbed again, this time to 7600' and made a run west for the Cajon Pass. An easy glide, tagged the tower and then headed back to buzz Marshall launch... all this without a single 360!

Came into the LZ quite hot with light winds. Easy landing as the sun was setting.

I'd like to thank Len for letting me borrow his Wills Wing T2 today. This is an amazing glider. It flies fast and tracks straight, climbs effortlessly, and lands with ease. You've ruined me. How can I be happy with my Talon now!?

10/17/06 - T2
Chris Bratsis

I turned an initial test flight sled run into nearly an hour flight

I took my first flight on my new T2 #37721 at Cloud 9 here in Michigan with Tracy Tillman & Lisa Colletti. It was late in the day after winds had calmed a bit. The aerotow was great with lighter bar pressure than my Fusion SP even though we hit some pretty good turbulence coming out of the field. I felt very confident with the T2 response. After release & playing with minimum sink and MCA, I had some unexpected lift to play in 0 - 150 fpm and drifted with it. I turned an initial test flight sled run into nearly an hour flight. The best part was the landing which was smooth and uneventful. I felt it was easier to land than my Fusion. Anyway thanks for building a great glider.

Chris Bratsis

10/13/06 - T2
Erik Delf - Leading Aerobatics Pilot

Sure do love my new glider!

Sure do love my new glider! After a summer of great flights, I can give you my thoughts on the T2 144. This is the high performance glider that lets you forget you’re on a high performance glider - until you pull in. The handling is super SWEET and is really was makes me love my T2 so much. It allows me feel playful in the sky, all the while knowing I could hit insane speeds in an instant if I wanted to. Just the right mix of performance and friendly flight characteristics. In strong conditions, the T2 lets me “fly the air” that I’m in, rather than having to focus on controlling the glider just to maintain heading or stay in lift. I feel free to just fly. That’s the whole thing to me: I like to feel that I’m actually flying, as opposed to driving a wing around the sky, and this glider gives me that feeling better than any other high performance glider I’ve flown. It is very confidence-inspiring, and I feel secure scratching close to the hill as well as coring powerful blasters. Pull on the VG, and she quickly reminds me that she was designed for racing. FAST! Gotta have that, and this one delivers. Landing characteristics make you forget again that it’s a comp wing. Thanks for building this baby!

All the best,
Erik "Clockboy" Delf

Erik Delf w/ WW Hat and Sticker.

07/28/06 - T2
Daniel Vélez Bravo - Colombian WW Dealer

This is My 5th National Championship Win

I´m happy to announce to you that the 2006 Colombian Hang Gliding Nationals took place from the 16th to the 22nd of July and now are over.

We had more than 20 hang glider pilots on a good weather competition that ended up with 7 out of 7 flyable days, with small fast tasks of 45-50 km length average, with one long task of 78 km and one smaller one the last day, for the fun of it, of only 23 km.

Nevertheless, we all had a good time and definately things are getting better around here.

I must say that thankfully to the Wills Wing new gliders being around here, the new equipment and the nice weather, the spirit of free flight had a great outcome. You could actually see a new way of looking at the competition in all those pilots who were trying their new toys, and their level went up incredibly also.

This is my 5th National Championship win, and it wasn´t that easy... my friends are getting closer and closer and probably next year things won´t be certain until the last task.

Regarding the scores and how the Wills Wing gliders did, I'll tell you the first 5 places:

  1. The Colombian Dealer, Daniel Vélez, flying a Talon 140
  2. Jorge Garcia, flying a new and fast T2 144
  3. Juan Betancur, flying a Dacron Talon 140
  4. Hector Corrales, flying a special edition T2 144 (one that he bought from Nene Rotor on the 2005 Quest Air Championship with full mylar option on the undersurface)
  5. Alejandro Isaza, flying a new Dacron T2 154
Thanks for everything.

07/25/06 - T2
Dave Gibson

I'm a hard sell

Well... Kudos and thanks are definitely in order! At one time or another, I've flown most of the various topless gliders on the market. After the usual oohhhss and aaaahhs from some of the local gang at the backyard hill, got down to the usual business of feeling it [T2 144] out and becoming accustomed to new equipment. So far, with only about 7 hours on the new wing in three days, in conditions ranging from light to windy to deciding to land early in moderate bumpiness for over-development avoidance, initial subjective impressions are definitely quite positive.

As much as I love hang gliders, I'm a hard sell. This manufacturing job is a thing of truth and beauty. This T2 is has that rare but crucial tangible quality of what I call a mirror wing - truly symmetrical. The CNC laser sail cutter and computerized sewing machines- and the wing miners operating them - are evidently very effective. Right out of the bag, it flew perfectly trimmed and 95-plus percent straight, from stall through the speed range. It's the most solid-feeling curved tip glider I've flown in recent years; it doesn't have the characteristic softer feel that I don't care for in most other curved tip wings and it tracks slightly better than average for a topless, in slow circling and especially in the top half of the VG range at speeds above 40 mph. But that nice secure solidity and tracking doesn't seem to sacrifice anything in handling, either turning or straight. The bar pressure at full VG, full speed - and you know what I mean by full speed - is much lighter than I'm used to, but still has plenty of feedback; that level of sensitivity does demand a sensitive, sensible, balanced and attentive technique. To me, speed and speed control is safety; I believe that the T2 is one of the safer wings out there. At the risk of over simplification, this wing seems less dependent on instability for controllability than most other comparable wings. It has an exceptionally nice power handle and I appreciate that.

Dave Gibson Flies His T2 144 at Point of the Mountain, Utah

07/17/06 - T2
Don Burns

I made Boundary peak and back in under 1 1/2 hours!

Thank you for making a great glider!  I picked up my T2 about two weeks ago.  My third flight on it was from the Piute launch in the Owens Valley.  I made Boundary peak and back in under 1 1/2 hours!  The next day I flew 150 miles from Horseshoe to about 15 miles short of Gabbs.  It would have been a 200+ mile flight, but the sky over Gabbs was overdeveloped.  What was impressive was that I made this flight in just under 5 hours.  I made Boundary peak from Walt's Point in about 3 hours with the easiest valley crossing I've ever had. Besides the obvious speed of this glider, it was easy to dial into.  Handling is comfortable and predictable.  My 150 mile flight met significant turbulence in both the Sierras and the Whites and the T2 made it easy to deal with it.  Set-up and break-down is quick and easy and the finish clean.

Thanks again, it's a keeper!
Don Burns

06/28/06 - T2
Nene Rotor

Certainly Helped Me to Win

First I would like to thank you for all the effort, the glider arrived in time in Orlando and I was able to take it to Itamonte for the comp.

The sail looks well, the glider [T2] is fast in glide and climbs well. The condition was strong and turbulent, but on the first day we had a weak session, still I felt confident at glide & climb. All of this has certainly helped me to win the Itamonte leg of the Brasilian championship.

06/07/06 - T2
Kipp Bottorff

T2 initial flights

Took the T2 out last weekend for the maiden voyage. First let me say -great work on the custom sail and logos. The group I flew with in the UK gave it the thumbs up.

This glider is FAST! I left all adjustments in the factory positionsand wow, what a ride. Got into a few aero moves during the first flightand caught myself fighting to slow it down! Really looking forward toadditional time under the wing to gain better control.

Thanks to you and your crew! Will try to make WW proud in Norway atthe end of this month

Wills Wing T2 with Airways Logo

05/30/06 - T2
Kenny 'Whack' Westfall - Old & Bold!

From a Talon Pilot's Point of View

Don't get me wrong - I would trade BOTH nuts for a 'tuned' T2 in place of my Talon in a heartbeat, and CASH to compensate. I LOVE the Talon 2! Reason- flatter glide angle - better glide angle for best glide. Much better energy retention. Turns just as good as the Talon! And the the freaking thing goes faster! 70 or 80 MPH? Just pull the VG all the way on and pull in a bit - done!

-Whack Westfall T2 Over Pine Flats, Crestline, CA
T2 Over Pine Flats, Crestline, CA

05/11/06 - T2
Jeff Shapiro - Five Valley H.G.

Looking forward to competing on it at King

I love my T2!!! It is by far, hands down the best glider I have ever flown. I am really looking forward to competing on it at King [Mt., Idaho], and next season. I am going to climb in the Daxue Shan range in eastern Tibet this post-monsoon season and could not afford to do the Florida and Texas trips this year, but will for sure go next season and I hope to do well on your glider. Thanks again for building such a sweet wing for me (once again).

12/14/05 - T2
Dean Funk - 2005 USA World Team

Thank You Wills Wing for Building My Dream Aircraft!

I now have close to 6 hours on my T2. This past Sunday I had one of my most enjoyable flights yet at Lookout Mountain. It was WNW and strong, so strong that a number H3's got shut down on launch, I launched around 1:00 pm into strong lift and large booming cummies. The T2 is perfectly balanced for strong windy cliff launches, I don't seem to feel that "ramp suck" pulling me off the ramp, the glider just seems real stable standing out on the edge of the ramp in strong air. As soon as I called clear, it seemed like I was 1,000 feet over launch. After getting the feel of the rodeo air, I was able to relax, my T2 is very stable in these conditions.

The lift was plentiful, as I was hitting 500-800 fpm almost everywhere. The T2 turns and coordinates very well, with a very similar feel of my last glider, the Litespeed 4.5s. In fact it took me very little time to dial into the T2 coming off the Litespeed. I do feel that the T2 climbs much better and gives me a better feel for the lift. I flew around for about an hour just enjoying the strong air, climbing at will and gliding all over the place like a jet fighter.

It was a perfect "Point" day, the historic flight to the "Point Park Monument" which overlooks Chattanooga. It's a 21 mile out and return flight. As I headed north from launch I glanced at the time on my 5030. I wasn't thinking about a speed run as there was a a lot of west in the wind, which generally makes for slow runs out to the point. As I headed out I was able to straight line glide most of the way only stopping for two thermals. It was a beautiful day, early winter, blue sky and giant cummies everywhere. The view of Chattanooga was breathtaking at 4,000 feet.

I circled the monument at the "Point Park Overlook" and headed south back to the flight park. I was in sinking air, I continued on until I flew into a lifting area and climbed a few hundred feet without turning. I then hit the boomer, as I was flying along at over 45 mph I flew into a large thermal, my instantaneous vario was showing 1,650 fpm, my averager was showing 1,000 fpm. At that point I was a bit worried as I was flying fairly fast, but I soon kissed the edge of that giant cloud and flew into smooth air. I continued on, thinking that I might have a decent time going. I did a nice speed run finish at the end of the flight, the T2 handled the strong and bumpy conditions at airspeeds up to 68 mph. I wasn't exactly sure of what my time was, I would have to wait to later to download the 5030.

As I flew past launch at Lookout, other pilots where just getting ready to fly. I have been flying for over 1 1/2 hours all alone. As the first few pilot climbed up to my level, I realize just how cold it was and I guess I just got bored owning the sky over Lookout Mountain, so I decided to land. That was a bit difficult as I had to search a large area for sinking air to drill down in. I just couldn't come down. The LZ at Lookout is known for extreme turbulence on days like this. As I approached on my down wind leg, I got hit hard by some bad air as I turned onto final. The glider just flew through it and felt very stable. I had a perfect no stepper right in front of my cabin in Lookout's LZ. It was a perfect flight!

I was pleasantly surprised after I downloaded my track log that my task time to the point was 35:30, about 5 mins slower than the site record. Not recorded setting time, but great considering the rough flying conditions and the limited amount of time I have on the T2. And that is with my T2 still in factory tune. I have been very satisfied with my first 6 hours on my beautiful T2, this glider does everything really well and it looks fast in the air with it's clean and flat sail. This glider rocks, and I am very happy with my experiences flying it!

Thank you Wills Wing for building my dream aircraft!


Dean Funk
2005 USA World Team

10/18/05 - T2
Graham Phipps

Wills Wing Success in Great Britain

Graham Phipps concluded another successful year by winning the British Open Series flying his Wills Wing T2 144. Having placed 4th in the series for the past 2yrs on a Talon 140 Graham feels that the T2 gives him the edge to take him to the top with a superb combination of handling, climb and glide. Whilst flying it at the Pre-Europeans in Croatia earlier in the year he had plenty of chance to compare it to all the other top wings and was more than happy with its performance.

10/07/05 - T2
Nene Rotor

Nene Rotor - 2005 Brazilian National Champion

Hi Guys,

It's 22:00 here in Brazil and Nene Rotor has just become the 2005 Brazilian National Champion. With one day to go, which is Saturday (tomorrow), my advantage is big enough to crown me already tonight. I have been flying very carefully until now, patiently monitoring my closest adversaries, Betinho and Guga, but tomorrow I'm going to to go for the kill, as I don't have anything to fear anymore. About my T2: I have been able to climb in thermals better than my adversaries and I glide as good as the rest of them at any speed.

Congratulations Steve (You're the man!)

09/06/05 - T2
Mike Degtoff

The more I fly it, the more I love it!

It's great to see the WW Team doing so well with the new T2. I just wanted to chime in a bit to let you and your wonderful factory team know how much I'm enjoying my new T2 144. The more I fly it, the more I love it! As you might recall, I had switched to a rigid wing for a couple of years and enjoyed that time for the most part. One reason I had switched was because the VG was hard to pull on my then current flex-wing. However I soon got tired of the costs, the weight and the complexity of the rigids.

Chris Zimmerman insisted I take a flight on his Talon 150 about two years ago and I bought that Talon right after I landed. About a year later he was adamant that I test-fly his new T2 144. While it did handle different than the 150, I noticed right away that it rolled faster and seemed to zip around quicker. The VG was surprisingly easy to pull tight! I was hesitant at first to purchase the smaller model due to my unfounded concerns that it might be too small to carry my weight effectively. I weigh almost 180lbs in my shorts. My weight on this glider is no problem at all. It climbs great, the glide is awesome and I'm having beautiful landings with it. It's sweet!

This spring I'll celebrate 30 years of hang-gliding. Thanks to WW, I'm having some of the best XC flights of my long career. Thank you very much for contributing so much effort to my enjoyment of the sport I love like none other.

08/17/05 - T2
Rob Clarkson - Proud Canadian

T2 with Canadian Flag Motif

I just wanted to thank you for the great job on the new glider, it was well worth waiting for. My last glider was an XC which I flew for 5 years - this is the first topless I have ever flown. The first thing I noticed was the speed! Man this thing is fast! I find the T2 handles just as easy as my XC did and with a little VG on, the bar pressure is very light. It should make the strong days in Golden [BC] a lot less tiring. I had four short flights out at Golden on the weekend. No one got very good flights in, but it gave me a chance to get a bit of a feel for the wing. Every landing was near perfect. There seems to be a generous flare window and it feels forgiving of small mistakes. I can't wait to get out flying on a good day.

Thanks again!

Wills Wing T2 with Canadian Flag Motif

Full version of image (2560x1920 px, 1.44 Mbyte, in new window)

07/13/05 - T2
Graham Phipps - U.K.

First Impressions are Excellent

Thanks again for getting the glider out on time and in time for me to try it before going to the Pre-Europeans in Croatia. Managed to get out on it yesterday evening on a coastal site and first impressions are excellent.

After a little bit of sprog tuning, hang point moving and tip twisting am really pleased. Seems lighter in handling, sweeter in thermals and even easier to land than my Talon 140. Get the feeling this glider will climb really well and if the glide is as good as the best, think you have a winner not only in the competition market but also with the "club fliers".

07/10/05 - T2
Alan Paylor - King Mountain Gliders

Talon Victory / Looking Forward to T2

I was lucky enough to fly Talon 150 #37391 during the King Mountain Hang Gliding Championships for my personal best XC flight, 129.4 miles. I Launched King Mountain, Idaho [and] landed in Wisdom, Montana. A 6 1/2 hour flight, which by the way accumulated more hours on this beautiful glider during this one flight than all previous flight hours! I placed overall second in the open class. The longest flight which earned the Egi Yakota award was on an ATOS just 129.7 miles (he placed third). Thanks to your superb product I thoroughly enjoyed a great launch, an incredible flight, and a perfect landing plus one heck of an experience I will never forget!

I am really looking forward to the T2, can't wait to get my hands on one!

06/30/05 - T2
Kevin Carter - WW Factory Pilot

T2 Impressions from our Newest Team Pilot

I have been flying the new T2 154 for almost 6 weeks of competition so here is the summary so far.

Background: Flying HG for almost 3 years, competing for a year and a half. 200-600 hours a year... I am about 79 kilos or 178 lbs and fly with a comp harness and 2 parachutes. I fall at the lower end of the weight range for this wing.

My last glider was also a big glider so the first thing I noticed about flying this glider was the ultra low weight. Published weight is 73 lbs or 33 kilos which is pretty light for 154 sq feet (about 14.5 sq m?). It is easy to pick up, easy to ground handle, and easy to yaw in cross wind gusts. In the air the lighter weight let the glider respond very quickly to my roll and yaw inputs. I can snap around in the smallest shots of lift.

The stall speed is very low so it has wide speed range while thermalling. Initially I felt small on the glider until I got tuned to the speed range between min sink and stall. Now I only feel small if I fly the glider much too slow...

Turn coordination is excellent and I have many choices on which thermalling style I can choose...

...The inboard sprogs [are] compensated so bar pressure is positive but light with VG on throughout the entire speed range. The performance seems to hint at more of an advantage at faster glide speeds so I really need to derive a new polar and explore different inter-thermal gliding speeds. I think there is a significant untapped advantage lurking there. I really need to test glide back at Quest with varying amounts of ballast to see how it flies with more than my light wing loading.


I test fly many gliders as an aerotow instructor and this glider is arguably the easiest topless to land. I fly fast approaches 99% of the time but in Croatia I was amazed at how secure this wing executed slow RLF approaches with and without a drogue…. On the first day of the Pre Euros I had to land in a narrow valley with agriculture fields that were more like big gardens. It was easy to set up over corn and low trees for a precise final up the narrow grass strip between 2 crop fields...

Read the entire article on Kevin's Blog, where you'll also find many interesting notes about his experiences on the European competition circuit this summer.

06/20/05 - T2
Bubba Goodman

I Think You've Got a Winner

Thanks again for loaning me the T2 and harness for the Highland Comp [East Coast HG Championships]. I flew a new glider, new harness, and a new site. I did the best I've ever done in a comp [ 2nd place, ECHGC], so I think you've got a winner. I felt very secure and comfortable on the T2. The high speed glide is straight with no wing walking. The climb was amazing. I've never been able to climb with, and at times out-climb, Paris [Williams]. Landing the T2 is a no-brainer and really takes a lot of the stress out of coming into a small or turbulent LZ.

I'd also like to thank Steve for putting such a strong effort into a high performance hang glider that could help the US win its second world championship in a couple of years.

Look forward to seeing you in Texas.

06/03/05 - T2
Mark Lilladahl - "Marginal Mark"

Wow Wow Wow!

Wow Wow Wow!

I just flew the new T2. Rob said it would have a better sink rate than the U2 160 I'd been flying, and it did. I'm absolutely impressed with it. I never would have thought that any glider could have that good of a grip on the air and be so easy to fly.

A real no brainer.

05/13/05 - T2
Johan Anderson

The Best Performing Hang Glider I Have Ever Flown

The T2 is without a doubt the best performing hang glider I have ever flown.

During the US Nationals I was able to do many comparisons with all the latest hot gliders and pilots. To have a glider that obeys your commands (Very important to me!) and has the performance to match the best glider in the meet (at the very least!) is every pilots dream - it is also an absolute must if you want to be competitive. The T2 did just that! I noticed the glider has an outstanding climb. I know that climbing in a thermal has allot to do with pilot skill, however the T2 allowed me to climb with the very best of pilots. Being able to climb to the top of the stack and stay there was an absolute delight - which I did on numerous occasions. When the oppertunity presented itself, I stayed and even managed to be above Oleg in some climbs. I also did not notice any glide difference during one glide with Oleg. The best test was when Kevin and I had a 15 mile final glide, staying side by side through the whole speed range from 40 up to 70mph, racing over the goal line still side by side. And this is only the prototype - imagine how good the production model will be! I cant wait!

To all at Wills Wing, well done for getting it right!

Kind regards
Johan Anderson

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